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The G8 also acted as a planning and discussion forum for the bigger G20 event, which was formed in 1999 and added Argentina, Australia, Brazil, China, India, Indonesia, Mexico, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, South Korea, Turkey, and the EU to the existing list of countries.

The G8 is starting to look irrelevant after the formation of the G20, which proved its worth by handling crucial issues like the 2008 economic crisis. To remain relevant and useful, the G8 should address problems that affect developing nations.

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Self Improvement

Have social contact

It depends on your personality and your schedule as to how you're going to connect with someone. It doesn't have to be an actual fact-to-face conversation, a simple text or email to a friend or family.

Send good thoughts and consciously focus on the things that you cherish about them.

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Regular brisk walking, along with a break from work-related activities defuses the body's stress response. Mindfulness is also an invaluable method to restore one’s calm and focus.

A positive mindset, great friendships and striving towards a personal goal help us manage our stress levels through perseverance and determination.

The Pursuit of Resilience


  • A highly esteemed political intellectual in the ancient world;
  • She was a priestess at Delphi who provided many opportunities for in-depth philosophical conversations; and
  • She was included in Plutarch's works in the prefaces of On the Bravery of Women and On Isis and Osiris where they have invigorating conversations on topics such as death, virtue, and religious history.

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Our mental image

Our self-image help determine how we react to the daily ups and downs of life. If we think of ourselves as valued, other people will also notice that quality.

Think about how you would describe yourself to a stranger. Would you point to your keen sense of humour or good physical features? Or would you refer to your supposed "trouble areas?" Your answer mostly depends on your mental image of yourself.

How accurate is our mental image of ourselves?


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