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Wimbledon Facts
  1. The Wimbledon championship uses about 53,000 balls, renewed after every nine games.
  2. It is the largest annual sporting event in Europe, with about 6000 staff members, including 1800 for food and drinks.
  3. Many thousand litres of fresh air is pumped into the Centre Court every minute.
  4. The fastest serve happened in 2010 by Taylor Dent(148 mph).
  5. For the women's championship, the speediest one was from Venus Williams in 2008(129mph).
  6. About 700 security guards are deployed in the event.
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Self Improvement


Medical Insurance and Health Care

Before moving abroad get informed first about your short-term eligibility for medical care and social security benefits in your destination country. Make the necessary arrangements that ensure your health is covered as required.

If you are moving to another part of Europe for a short amount of time, you should consider applying for a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC). For the long-term, you must integrate with the local social insurance system.

A Life Of Purpose: Explore
  1. Make a list of things that you would love to do. The stuff you list down may be challenging, but ensure that it is close to your heart and gives you meaning and purpose. It can be helping orphans, or the homeless, or any social cause.
  2. Shortlist three to five such things from your list, and let your gut choose the one thing you would want to do.
  3. Do a mini-version of your preferred activity in a two-week project. Experience this fully. If you like this, continue the same. If not, do a mini-version of the next thing on your shortlist.
  4. Don’t feel hesitant and do not let uncertainty and doubt stop you.

In most hero's stories, the hero is busy in an everyday world when they get called to an adventure. Initially, they will be reluctant, either not feeling equipped for the task or too comfortable with life as it is.

The mentor will hand the hero supplies, knowledge, and the confidence required to face the adventure. When the story seems to direct to a dead-end, mentors are the ones who provide aid, advice, or magical equipment. Mentors show that we often learn life's lessons from someone else.

.. or GAD is when all the news and information make a bed inside your head and make it like a huge twitter feed of worries. Symptoms include muscle tensions, fatigue and depression. Doom Scrollers have similar, undiagnosed effects.

When we doom scroll, we are in a way practising for having GAD, just like running everyday changes our muscles, doomscrolling everyday changes our brain and psychology.

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