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A Well Lived Life of Purpose - zen habits

A Well Lived Life of Purpose - zen habits

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A Life Of Purpose: Explore

A Life Of Purpose: Explore

  1. Make a list of things that you would love to do. The stuff you list down may be challenging, but ensure that it is close to your heart and gives you meaning and purpose. It can be helping orphans, or the homeless, or any social cause.
  2. Shortlist three to five such things from your list, and let your gut choose the one thing you would want to do.
  3. Do a mini-version of your preferred activity in a two-week project. Experience this fully. If you like this, continue the same. If not, do a mini-version of the next thing on your shortlist.
  4. Don’t feel hesitant and do not let uncertainty and doubt stop you.


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A Well-Lived Life

A life well lived can be anything: meditating in the mountains, enjoying time with your family, travelling across the world, or even reading all day.

If what you do feels meaningful, then your life is a blessing. If you can serve others, life feels incredibly meaningful and purposeful. It is important to appreciate life, enjoy the challenges life serves and take care of yourself.


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