Self Improvement


Self-Authorship is a kind of mind-framing, which states that we can discard all the instructions and behavioural patterns we learned since childhood, and create our own belief system and identity.

We are released from what others think of us and can define our own goals, crafting a unique life without using the blueprint of society.

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Self Improvement


Psychopathic Traits

More and more psychologists are realizing that people can score highly on one or more psychopathic personality traits without having criminal or violent tendencies, such as:

  • Self-centered impulsivity (how selfish you are)
  • Cold heartedness (who switched off you are from other people's suffering)
  • Fearless dominance (being less susceptible to fear, stress, and anxiety)
Your strange voice on a recording

Many people feel uncomfortable when they hear their own voice in audio recordings.

Your voice sounds deeper and richer when you speak but thinner and higher on recordings. The reason for the variance is this:

  • When listening to a recording of your voice, the sound travels through the air and into your ears.
  • When you speak, some sound travels through the air, but much of the sound is internally conducted through your skull bones and boosts the lower frequencies.

We naturally seek validation from external sources like friends, family and social media (number of likes), but fail to realize that true happiness comes from within us, and real freedom is when we focus on ourselves, not others.

If we only strive for external validation we are simply giving control of our happiness to others. Antidote: Look yourself in the mirror daily and say ‘I Love You’.

We need to balance our life with activities and relationships that nurture our mind and body while being beneficial to others. We can cultivate our inner resources in a way that allows us to impact others with kindness and caring.

Small things like a warm smile, kindness in one’s voice and a spring in your step is a beautiful way to touch others, rather than appearing irritated or foul. We all need to rekindle our own balance and increase the resources we have to offer to others while enjoying our time on this planet.

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