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How to develop your self-authorship

How to develop your self-authorship


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How to develop your self-authorship

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Self-Authorship is a kind of mind-framing, which states that we can discard all the instructions and behavioural patterns we learned since childhood, and create our own belief system and identity.

We are released from what others think of us and can define our own goals, crafting a unique life without using the blueprint of society.


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Self-Authorship: The Three Phases

  1. Trusting our own internal voice, rather than reacting by the ways taught to us.
  2. Building an internal foundation of relationships, beliefs and values.
  3. Securing internal commitments and using them for taking decisions when faced with problems, situations and other external circumstances.


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  1. Question your own values and beliefs, ingrained inside you for decades.
  2. Keep a journal for your thoughts.
  3. Challenge yourself to move out of your comfort zones.
  4. Be with a diverse set of people who increase your awareness and understanding.
  5. Take responsibility for your own actions and beliefs, controlling what you engage yourself with.


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