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Every year, the Festival invites artists from all over the world of today and tomorrow, creating a map of cinema. There is international converage of the event in media.

The Festival also offers filmmaking countries the chance to showcase the richness of their cinema in Village Internationl, which hosts an increased number of countries every year.

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Self Improvement

The genre became popular in the late 2010s. The popular LoFi channel ChilledCow's produced a 13,000-hour video and amassed 218 million views from its famous "Lofi Beats to Study To".

We can learn from this that not all success comes from being flashy and loud. There's a place for the calm and quiet too.

A brief history of LoFi beats to study and relax with


Most Aboriginal Australian stories about the changes in landscape and way of life caused by post-glacial sea-level rise are divided into two groups.

  • One story is that the bad behaviour of a man named Goonyah caused the sea to flood the land, and he organised the people to stop it.
  • In another, he led the people up a mountain to escape the water and rolled heated rocks into the sea.

The myths that hint at past disasters


A question that many people have: ‘What happens when we die?’, can be answered by the mystical accounts of Near-Death Experience (NDE) by people who have almost died, documented by a number of doctors and scientists.

There are many case studies of people who have experienced NDE with these common and recurring themes:

  1. Recalling old memories in a new kind of clarity and vividness.
  2. Meeting old and dead relatives.
  3. Going through a dark tunnel with a glorious, radiant light in front of them.
  4. Have identical feelings of wonder, mental clarity, timelessness and bliss.

What do near-death experiences mean, and why do they fascinate us?


Some who experience a traumatic event and have difficulty coping may develop post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Encouraging people to be optimistic and grateful when going through tough times doesn't encourage growth beyond tragedy.

In contrast, others find trauma gives them new meaning in life. Instead of letting the negative feelings overwhelm us, we can make a daily effort to feel comfortable with negative emotions while noticing that there's a light at the end of the tunnel.

'Tragic optimism': The antidote to toxic positivity


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