Self Improvement


Our inability to change might just be mental inertia and auto-suggestion, as it is seen in various studies that both character and personality can be changed rapidly and intentionally, something thought of as improbable before.

The big five personality traits: Conscientiousness, openness, agreeableness, extraversion and emotional stability, serve as a psychological foundation in developing or hindering character traits like kindness or forgiveness.

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Self Improvement

We cannot even understand ourselves, so it is futile to think that we can fully understand other people.

  • Normally, we would not do something inconsistent with our values and goals, so we cannot demand others to fulfill our expectations if it is not consistent with their own interests.
  • We also fail to realize how the other person may resent us for expecting something they cannot fulfill.
  • A better option is to let go of expectations and find something positive, something you are grateful for.
  • If things don’t turn out the way you wanted to, you will feel serenity, not resentment.

The Psychology of Expectations


The first film completed in Los Angeles was the Count of Monte Cristo in 1908. Two years later, the film Old California was produced.

The climate allowed for outdoor filming year-round, and the mixed terrain provided for a variety of settings. But, most importantly, it was far away from the state of New Jersey, where Edison's Motion Picture Patent Company ruled and strangled the film industry.

Centers of Progress: Los Angeles (Cinema)


Boosting wellbeing from laughing

More and more research shows us that the benefits of laughter are wide-ranging and easily accessible. Laughter is not just a spontaneous response to something funny and although it is a social activity it can be also self-induced.

In order to develop our wellbeing with laughter, we must be able to enjoy laughing at humor itself, teach ourselves a level of comedic skill, share this with others, and also be able to laugh without the use of humor.

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Why Resume Gaps Form

The job-market today changes very fast. Innovation means new industries require candidates who can learn quickly and adapt their experience to new roles. This means that people work for shorter periods at several companies, with brief employment gaps.

As markets continue to shift in unpredictable ways, job hunters need to understand how to address resume gaps and avoid them in the future.

How to Fill an Employment Gap on Your Resume


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