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Before expecting something, we have to understand two psychological facts:

  1. Merely expecting something will not make it happen.
  2. If we hope to have our expectations fulfilled and those hopes do not have a valid reason, there is bound to be a disappointment.

Example: We start driving and expect to reach by 15 minutes, but due to construction work on the road, we get late and feel resentful.

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Self Improvement

Los Angeles And The Film Industry

Los Angeles's Hollywood neighbourhood is known for its unparalleled cinematic contributions. Its new filmmaking styles prepared the way for others to follow.

Los Angeles is the second-most populous city in the United States and may be the most glamorous. It includes two famous landmarks: Disneyland and Universal Studios Hollywood.

Gelotology: the study of humor and laughter
  • This is what the physiological and psychological study of laughter is called.
  • It was founded by American psychologist, William Fry, from Stanford University.

If you recently lost your job, you can fill anticipated resume gaps while searching for a permanent role. Start a personal project. Being a self-starter is a valued trait.

To find out where you should be spending your time, think about the next job you want.

  1. What industry is it in?
  2. What positions appeal to you?
  3. What projects can help you build the skills needed for those positions?

From there, you can venture out on your own, or expand your network.

  • Your Bio: Review your LinkedIn bio and use it to paint a cohesive picture you want to tell.
  • Your Web Presence: Look at your personal website and social media profiles to ensure they're cohesive and include mentions of accomplishments. This is where you can showcase who you are and share your personality and interests.
  • Your Email Signature: Include a link to anything you've written or been interviewed for. You can also add a link to your website or portfolio. Include any awards you've won.
Emotional Clarity

Emotional clarity refers to the extent to which you know, understand and are clear about which emotions you are feeling and why you are feeling them.

Emotional clarity is key to being proactive in changing circumstances or thoughts that lead to emotions, as well as to enacting effective emotional regulation strategies.

The Automation Myth

For decades, we have believed that automation and huge leaps in technology will take away most of our jobs and there will be widespread unemployment.

A new study shows that this belief is incorrect. Job growth and living standards have continued to rise on an average scale.

Job insecurity

The psychological effect of job insecurity can last a lifetime.

Studies have shown a causal relationship between unemployment and mental health. However, the effect of job insecurity has been less researched. One large-scale study suggests job insecurity over a prolonged period can change your personality.

Hedonism: The Reality
  • Long being associated with frivolity, mindless pleasure-seeking, gluttony and danger, hedonism was initially a fairly simple concept in ancient greek philosophy.
  • Hedonism at its very core, states that pleasure is in itself a worthwhile pursuit.
  • Pleasure is conspicuously missing from our productivity-oriented culture and is to be looked at with a new light.
Break Down Your Life Into Categories

Life is more manageable when things are broken down. On a daily basis, it is helpful to break life into four categories:

  • Health. Without proper health, other categories are harder to maintain. Prepare healthy meals and make time to exercise.
  • Wealth. Wealth can mean things such as a career, business, or investing. Create a budget or design an investing strategy.
  • Love. Set time each day to enjoy your significant other, calling a loved one or journaling.
  • Happiness. Set time aside to do something that makes you happy. Some people enjoy a walk in nature. Others would rather paint or do another hobby.

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