Self Improvement


  • According to psychologists, people associate positivity with something above them(north) and negativity with something beneath them(south).
  • Cities and countries below the proverbial equator are assumed to be poor and underdeveloped.
  • The relationship between directions and our perception of them needs to be reset and rethought.
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Self Improvement


Supermarket Sweep

With supermarkets often the bane of peoples’ lives, Supermarket Sweep turned on the fun element with contestants raiding the shelves against the clock as the host delivered fast quips and a whole lot of camp.

It was so popular that it recently made a comeback with former X Factor contestant-turned-presenter Rylan Clark-Neal hosting. Letting off steam in one of the most chaotic places was an inspired creation, and its initial running of eight years proved just that.

Phases of the Moon

We see different parts of the Moon light up at different times of the month. This is because the Moon is at different positions in its orbit around Earth relative to the Sun.

  • A full Moon is when the Moon, Earth and Sun are lined up. The sunlight shines on the whole lunar surface and is reflected back to Earth.
  • A New Moon. When the Moon is between Earth and the Sun, no sunlight can reflect off its surface.
  • The Moon orbit around the Earth is an ellipse. The Moon is sometimes closer to the Earth than at other times. When it is closest to Earth and a Full Moon, it is called a supermoon.

The spring and autumn equinoxes lie halfway between the shortest and longest days of the year. At these points, day and night are mostly even lengths all over the world.

These conditions may suit the human circadian rhythm - the daily cycle that affects the body's sleep, wake, eat, and other biological processes. The benefits of a well-entrained body clock include modifying your metabolism, decreasing cardiovascular disease and better eyesight.

We need to build a system based on positive feedback loops, in order to get constant encouragement and move it in the right direction.

The main principle for a better system design is to have no wrongness or judgement associated with it so that we are unable to judge ourselves, feel discouraged and move towards a negative feedback loop.

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