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Your brain predicts your experiences

Your daily experiences is a carefully controlled illusion constructed by your brain. The hallucination creates all your experiences and guides your actions.

This is the way your brain gives meaning to the sensory inputs of your body and the world. You are not reacting to experience, but your brain is constantly making predictions about what will happen and acting on it.

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Mental Fitness

Just like we take care of our physical fitness, doctors advise us to keep our brains fit by exercising it, in order to stay sharp when one attains the ‘senior citizen’ tag.

Our long-term cognitive health depends on us staying mentally fit, and brain games/memory games are thought to work great for brain fitness.

The North Star And Mercator’s Map

European explorers like Christopher Columbus navigated the seas guided by the North Star, but it was the 16th Century geographer Gerardus Mercator, whose 1569 world map provided contemporary knowledge about the geography of the world while correcting the charts for sailors.

Deal or No Deal

The idea of a banker at the other end of Noel Edmonds’ phone is a unique one. 

So unique in fact that the whole essence of Deal or No Deal has been taken onto the online world.

Special sighting of the Moon

Every few months, we have a special sighting of the Moon where it is not only a full Moon but what is known as a supermoon.

To understand why it is a supermoon, we first have to understand why different parts of the Moon are lit up at other times of the months.

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