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When Boredom Strikes

Whenever we reach for our phones when we're bored we want to relieve feelings of fatigue and boredom, but a study suggests that doing so only increases those feelings even more.

The study's results showed that even though we're on our phones a lot, we still take "phone breaks" every 20 minutes or so and spend about 90 seconds every time.

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Self Improvement

  • On the extreme, a Swedish manufacturer produced robot clones of a loved one who has died. The robots can control speech, has the capacity for facial recognition and other artificial intelligence capabilities.
  • During the pandemic lockdown, the supplier Silicone Lovers experienced an increase in demand for these dolls.

The dolls cost $5,000 to $10,000 plus an added charge of $3,000 to $5,000 for the printing cost, but most people won't buy one because of the unease it creates.

Why We Are Unsettled by Robots That Look Too Realistic


Instead of major inspiration that leads to action, it's the subtle systems that give results over time.

When we understand this, the attitude we need is curiosity, not just bravery. Success is primarily the result of careful design, not inspiration.

Inspiration is Overrated | Scott H Young


β€œWe don’t want suffering, but [unwittingly] cherish and chase after its causes.”

Wisdom and Value-Fulfillment


Expressing gratitude can make you a better person. According to research, gratitude has a dampening effect on certain morally questionable behaviours. Gratitude also evokes a cooperative response.

When someone is receiving gratitude , the need to be competent and the need to feel connected are fulfilled. If someone helps you, be sure to express your appreciation - it will make your helper feel capable and valued, and will increase the odds that they will help more people.

The Psychology of Giving Thanks


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