Modern day affliction

The story of sugar and tobacco are very similar. Both products were first produced through slave labour and were seen as beneficial to health, but the sudden mass consumption from the mid-17th century created health risks.

Today, tobacco is widely acknowledged as addictive, but sugar can also drive responses similar to what we see from addiction. In the 21st century, the grip of sugar is stronger than that of tobacco or even alcohol. Sugar is also central to the world's economy and cultural heritage.

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Liquid Chlorophyll's Safeness
  • Upon the first week of drinking liquid chlorophyll, you may experience diarrhea or green-colored stools. Some experience an allergic reaction or have stomach cramps.
  • You should only intake 300 mg daily for up to three months only.
  • Avoid drinking liquid chlorophyll while on medication to sunlight (such as antidepressants or blood pressure medication) because chlorophyll can increase your chances for sunburn.
  • Avoid drinking it while breastfeeding or pregnant.
The Relationship Between Sedentary Behavior and Subjective Well-Being
  1. Those who are excessively sedentary were correlated to having poor hedonic well-beings;
  2. There are different contexts of sitting in which yield varying feelings and judgments in regards to one's subjective well-being -- such as when one sits to watch TV carries different associations as to when one sits to socialize;
  3. Lastly, how much an individual sits relative to how much they usually sit places a greater impact on their well-being rather than the total amount of sitting.

Michel Lyczak was the 2014 winner of the "best butter croissant" award.

  • He states that an excellent croissant depends on the quality of the ingredients: sugar, salt, high-protein flour, eggs, fresh, cold milk, and butter.
  • The butter is a variety from the southwestern region of Poitou-Charentes, carefully washed in spring water before folding it by hand into the pastry dough.
  • After flattening and folding the dough, it is cut into triangles by hand, then refrigerated for 12 hours to ferment. Without this step, you won't get the layers and will end up with bread.
Popping Bubble Wraps
  • There is something uniquely satisfying in popping sheets of bubble wraps and it seems to relate to the calming power of touch.
  • Studies on undergraduates showed that popping two sheets of bubble wraps made them feel calmer, awake and alert.
  • Popping bubbles is a way to release muscle tension, and just like clicking the pen or jiggling one's foot, it helps reduce stress and stabilize one's nervous energy.

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