• Validate that experience. It is normal that it will cause you anxiety as it is a time of difficulty.
  • Be kind to yourself. Consider how you would care for a friend in that situation and how you would extend that same kindness to yourself.
  • Reach out to people around you who can be comforting and calming.
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Bigger Portion Sizes = Bigger Leftover

In recent decades, the portion sizes of food in American restaurants have increased in great margins to the point where people can't finish a plateful.

There's also a theory that points out the correlation between heaping portion sizes and one's sense to exercise. The theory heavily suggests that having leftovers impacts our choices of food and the amount we will be consuming.

  • Viruses exist through symbiosis - an intimate association between two forms of life.
  • Viruses can only reproduce inside living cells where they turn the host's cells into virus-making copying machines.
  • Once the viral information becomes integrated into a host's genome, it becomes part of the host and passes on for generations.
  • In most cases, viruses don't cause disease, and many are beneficial. Viruses can prevent bacteria from invading our gut to cause infections.
All calories are nutritious

The idea of an empty or useless calorie is an oversimplified way to look at food. While it may sometimes be necessary to turn complex and imperfect nutrition science into something simple, the simplicity can be misleading and ineffective.

All calories are nutritious because all calories are nutrients. All foods are made up of some combination of the three macronutrients: protein, carbs, and fat.

Each person should choose the best technique – and the correct β€œdose” – for their particular situation, rather than doggedly pursuing a plan that is not working..

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