No matter how self-aware we are and how conscious we are in making decisions, we are still unlikely to see all of our blindspots. To help with this, forming a team of employees you trust who are willing to challenge you can help you ensure that honest feedback will be given.

Disagreeable people often give honest feedback because they operate in a psychologically safe environment where mistakes are seen as learning opportunities instead of facing repercussions.

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Find opportunities for feedback on how you appear to others. It will help you become aware of behaviours that may interfere with your effectiveness.

Shift your perspective from "me" to "we." Instead of being a lone achiever, it is important to involve your team, listening more, and talking less.

  • Prioritize: you can’t have everything you want
  • Don’t confuse goals with desires. A goal - something you have to achieve; a desire - something you want, but it stands in the way of your goals.
  • Don't give up on the goals that seem impossible.
  • Don’t confuse the signs of success with success itself.
  • Learn how to deal with your setbacks; this is as important as knowing how to move forward.

by Ray Dalio

In-person interviews tend to focus less on the skills and experience, and more on who is more cordial or great to talk to. It does help build rapport in some cases, but also promotes an invisible bias towards the candidate’s race, gender, class and other factors unrelated to the job performance.

Phone Interviews level the playing field and let both the parties focus on the essential.

The Love Of Cycling

Bicycles made people explore new places, and go for long adventures. Even a bicycle tour across the world was completed by 24-year-old Annie Londonderry in 1894.

The bicycle touched on pop culture and made itself into art, music, literature, and fashion. Young cyclists mingled with each other on the road, and met in distant villages. Writers and philosophers started going on bicycle rides and noting down their thoughts, even writing books on the way.

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