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Gamification Of Money Apps

It is 2021, and there is an app for everything. Now companies are trying new and innovative ways to hook millions to their app.

Many app makers, like those in FinTech(Financial Technology), are trying to boost the performance, engagement levels and ‘stickiness’ of the app by using gamification, where elements of video games are added to the app to make it feel thrilling and slightly addictive to the ‘player’.

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Real activities on real projects, real work, or real results are more effective than substitution or preparation work.

Some examples include:

  • Advancing your career by doing projects at work outside your current abilities.
  • Pairing study with real-world use through apprenticeship programs.
  • Focus on training relevant to you rather than an unrelated activity that strengthens your mental muscles.
  • Speaking a language rather than doing language exercises.

However, there are arguments against doing the real thing.

Adam Grant

"Your ability to rethink and unlearn matters far more than raw intelligence."

Principles = Fundamental Truths
  • Principles are essential truths that work as the foundations for the behavior that leads you where you want in life.
  • Those principles that are most valuable come from your own experiences and your reflections on those experiences.
  • You turn to your principles when you face difficult choices.
  • They connect your values to your actions, guide your actions and help you successfully deal with the reality you live in.

by Ray Dalio


You "just aren't ready" for a promotion

Most of us reach a point in our careers where accomplishing goals doesn't return the same rewards. Despite succeeding at your performance goals, you may be told that you are "not ready" for a promotion.

This type of feedback often means that you've spent more time on building your skills and not enough on building relationships. However, there are certain actions you can take to strengthen your relationships and put you on the path to promotion.

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