The most effective managers of the future will be able to lead with empathy, although the 2021 Garner survey shows that only 47% of managers are prepared for this future role.

Qualities of the empathic manager:

  • They can go beyond understanding the facts of work. They proactively seek information to put themselves in their employees' context.
  • They develop high levels of trust and care and a culture of acceptance within teams.
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Carlson did chemical experiments in his own home, to the frustration of his family and neighbours. He mad smelly compounds, melting sulfur over zinc plates in the kitchen smelling like rotten eggs, and once even starting a fire.

Carlson used Selényi’s ideas (more or less to use light to remove static charge, not create it) and his own. After many experiments, he had a breakthrough and created the first copy in 1938.

Leaders who are at the helm during pandemics, natural disasters, wars, economic crises are the ones which handled the turbulent waters with their grit and resilience.

An empathic leader who provides reassurance, comfort and security during times of uncertainty is the one to bank on.


People with this trait are more creative and flexible and learn more easily. 

But, in excess, curiosity may lead to moving from project to project without completing any of them.

When it comes to decisions, organizations rely on gathering data and analyzing the decision. People believe that analysis reduces biases, but most business decisions made this way turned out to be poor decisions.

Research shows that good analysis from managers who have good judgment won't necessarily produce good decisions.

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