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Subjects With Keywords

The first thing that the recipient of the email sees is the subject line, therefore it is critical that the subject clearly states the purpose of the email and what is needed to be done with it.

Military personnel use these keywords to prioritize and categorize:

  • ACTION - compulsory for the recipient to take action
  • SIGN - requires the signature of the recipient
  • INFO - for informational purposes only, no action required
  • DECISION - requires a decision of the recipient
  • REQUEST - seeks permission or approval
  • COORD - coordination by or with the recipient is needed
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How to Write Email with Military Precision


The Benefits Of Reading Science Fiction
  • Books and novels leave their impact on young minds.
  • All kinds of fiction helps young minds develop emotional intelligence and critical thinking skills
  • There is a common misconception that reading junk novels and wild sci-fi stories is a waste of time.

New research suggests that reading science fiction and fantasy helps young people cope with the stress and anxiety of thier complicated existence.

Science fiction builds mental resiliency in young readers


Professionally Ghosted

To be ghosted by your professional contacts, like a Linkedin connection, your prospective client, or your office colleague can feel confusing, with a sense of rejection that can shatter your confidence.

We try to retrace our steps and figure out what went wrong, and also try to follow up for the sake of closure.

So, You Got Ghosted — at Work


Why selling ideas is hard

Generating creative ideas is easy. Selling them to strangers is hard. The ability to sell an idea has as much to do with the seller's traits as the idea's inherent quality.

Judgments about the pitcher's ability to come up with workable ideas can interfere with the perception of the idea's worth. That means that when you're preparing to pitch your idea to strangers, your audience will put you in a box. And in less than 150 milliseconds.

How to Pitch a Brilliant Idea


The Art Of Giving
  • One needs to create value to claim value, and successful negotiators do not declare victory until they can help everyone win.
  • A win-win situation for all is the new age negotiation, which is more about giving and less about taking.
  • Most of us believe that the results are fixed, and we also expect the worst in others, which eventually brings out the worst in others.
  • Trying to understand the needs of our opponent and working from that angle results in better negotiation and better results for everyone involved.

In Negotiations, Givers Are Smarter Than Takers


Using clichés

Clichés are a quick way to express familiar concepts. Because your brain heard the phrase many times, it knows the meaning without thinking about the writer's intention.

But the danger is that one cliché makes the rest of the writing seem lazy or low-quality and cause you to skim through the words. Nothing stands out because there is no way to differentiate the time you read the cliché from all the other times you've read it.

The Real Reason You Shouldn’t Use Clichés


How we interpret gaze
  • We give gaze physical properties.
  • We create implicit mental programmes in which the visual attention of others is understood as a forceful beam emitted from the viewer’s eye and directed at the object of interest.
  • These mental programmes allow us to use cognitive shortcuts in order to process peoples’ visual attention quickly and efficiently.

When Our Gaze Is a Physical Force


Oprah's presentation technique
  1. Start with a story: It illustrates shared values.
  2. Be personal and vulnerable.
  3. Give credit to others: Sharing appreciation is not just a nice component of your speech, it is table stakes for taking the stage.
  4. Speak about important topics.
  5. Keep it short: Short speeches can also be more memorable.
  6. Cast a vision: No matter what you’re talking about, make sure your message is positive and future-focused

Oprah Just Gave A Master Class in Public Speaking. Here's What CEOs Should Learn From It


... or some version of that is one of the most fundamental and common questions asked in any first round of a Job Interview.

Hiring managers usually like to ask this question, because it allows them to assess your communication skills, hear your narrative about the highlights of your career, and lay the foundation for follow-up questions. 

Why longer responses to "So, tell me about yourself" are better


Moving Together In Sync
  • The synchronicity that is created while moving together in a simultaneous and coordinated manner results in strong social bonding, and well-being, according to new research.
  • Activities like the parading, line dancing and crew rowing, which usually have synchronous movements, allows humans to bond together all at once.
  • Even in the animal kingdom, birds, dolphins, and fireflies synchronize their actions, displaying coordinated behaviour.

Moving in Sync Creates Surprising Social Bonds among People



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