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Sounds makes a film truly memorable

Seven-time Oscar-winning Sound Designer Gary Rydstrom says that "you do a great job in sound when no one notices it."

This elusive mark of success has become easier to achieve over the years, thanks to advances in technology since the silent films of the 1900s.

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Self Improvement

A Brief History of Sound in Cinema


Since time is a fixed quantity, everything you say yes to implies a no to something else and vice versa.

Saying yes subtly squeezes everything else, but rarely in ways we can easily perceive. When saying no, what is left over is enriched, but this additional space is often neglected.

Make Your Life Better by Doing Less | Scott H Young


Clay tablets and papyrus scrolls
  • Long before the use of paper, the Stimarians - people of Mesopotamia who lived around 3500-3000 B.C. - invented the Cuneiform writing system. It consisted of pictographs and phonograms that was etched on clay tablets. This method of writing was around for 2000 years.
  • Papyrus Scroll dates from around 2400 B.C. They were made from the stem of the Papyrus plant and were about 10 - 40 metres long. Ancient Egyptians used reeds or bird feathers to write on the scrolls.

Turning the Pages: Evolution of Books


Reviewing Your Year

It is a healthy activity to reflect back on the time gone by, in an objective way, before making plans for the year ahead. However, most of us are moving towards one of the two extremes:

  1. Self-ridicule or lamenting the stuff we didn’t do or did wrong.
  2. Self-congratulation or patting oneself on the back for all the great stuff we did, while ignoring the mistakes.
Fascination with true crime shows: they help us learn something

People are fascinated with true crime. It is why so many are addicted to crime podcasts or investing hours in series like Unsolved Mysteries.

Research shows that women are more attracted to real crime than men. One possible reason is that although men are more likely to be victims of violent crime, women may feel more vulnerable to attack, therefore more ready to gain insight on how to survive a true crime scenario.

Why Are So Many People Fascinated by True Crime? Here's How Experts Explain the Attraction


Everything we've learned about Mars over the last century suggests that the planet was once able of hosting ecosystems.

  • Mars is just over half the size of Earth.
  • Gravity is only 38 percent than that of Earth's.
  • It rotates around its axis at about the same speed as Earth, meaning that a day on Mars is just 40 minutes longer than on Earth.
  • One year on Mars takes about 687 Earth days.
  • Mars has the same amount of habitable surface as Earth. It also contains ice on the polar caps.

But Mars is wrapped in a thin carbon dioxide atmosphere and cannot support earthly life forms.

Why we explore Mars—and what decades of missions have revealed


Community singing is on the rise again

Until recent times, community singing was thought to have decreased in popularity, suggesting less of a sense of tradition than there used to be.

But in recent years, there have been signs of a revival in community singing, suggesting people want to get involved again.

Carolling is not about religion – it's about community


We understand our environment based on how we interact with it

When we navigate a new area with a map, for example, we start looking at objects in relation to one another.

But if we are exploring a route without a map, we tend to think more about the space in terms of its relation to ourselves.

The beginning of positive psychology

The story of positive psychology started just 20 years ago with Martin Seligman, head of the American Psychological Association. The idea he considered was: What if every person was encouraged to nurture his or her character strengths, rather than being scolded into fixing their shortcomings?

He reorientated the entire discipline of psychology away from mostly treating mental illness and toward human flourishing, then used his authority to promote it.

Is positive psychology all it's cracked up to be?


The Magic Cube

In 1974, Hungarian architect Ernő Rubik wanted to find a way to model three-dimensional movement to his students. At first, he tinkered with blocks of cubes, made from wood and paper, and held by rubber bands, glue, and paper clips. Later he created what he called a Magic Cube.

The Magic Cube was eventually renamed the Rubik's Cube. It became the most popular puzzle toy in the world, inspiring numerous artworks and films, and starting a competitive sport called speedcubing.

A Brief History of the Rubik’s Cube



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