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Don't get worried, depressed over your current ordeals, with time is gonna all work out for your good.

Don't waste your time listening to dream and vision killers. Do your best to remain the best and outshine the minors. Lose yourself in your dreams and goals and not to the Nay sayers.

Time is something many of us don't read meaning into. Follow your time, and things will work out just fine.

Tim Ferriss seeks wisdom from successful people and uses it to supercharge his life. In this book, he distills the performance-enhancing tools of nearly 200 inspirational people—from CEOs to athletes and everything in between. Embrace these ‘tools’: philosophies, routines, and habits; and watch your health, wealth, and wisdom expand beyond your wildest dreams.

Humans are naturally social creatures, and we are happiest when part of a community. This extends to our career too - we all want to feel valued and recognized at work. Leaders Eat Last examines the role leadership plays in an organization’s successes and failures. It offers evidence-based guidelines on how to be a good leader and overcome the obstacles faced.

Emmanuel Iwuh


Just a teenager who wants to win ☺️🙏.


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