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You might be the agent of change

Many things in this world can make us feel small and insignificant. Corporations grow larger than before. Governments make decisions we disagree with.

But we are not powerless. On the contrary, we hold great power in our hands by how we choose to use the valuable moments of our lives. Maybe you have a cure for loneliness or can ease the suffering of a person. There are many ways to bring joy and healing to our world.

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People have their own choices about religion and God, due to philosophical, psychological and political reasons.

  • Atheism is the lack of belief in God or a higher entity.
  • Its opposite, Theism, proposes a belief in God.

Both are metaphysical claims about something subjective and dealing with the nature of reality itself.

Myths, folklore, legend, fairy tales

The terms myth, folklore, legend and fairy tale, don't mean the same thing.

Although they've all stood the test of time, each type represents a distinct reader experience and answer some of life's fundamental questions.

Storytelling and Social Impact

The ability to tell a compelling and evocative story is a critical part of our work, especially if it is related to creating a social impact.

Communicating with clients, potential donors, bank loan officials, remote co-workers, and supervisors can benefit from effective storytelling.

Failure of communication

The goal of effective communication in the workplace is to reach a mutual understanding. We want everyone on the same page so that we can move in the same direction.

When working from home, we can easily confuse being constantly connected to our colleagues with effective communication. But it is not the same. We can follow some strategies to ensure we are getting our point across, and we can listen to others.

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