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discipline is the unconscious choices we make each time we are given a task for a competition or for living life in chaos. some of the quotes by famous men are summarised here!

" More than a life, Sadhguru " is the extraordinary story of Jaggi Vasudev or Sadhguru - a young agnostic who turned yogi; a wild motorcyclist who turned mystic; a sceptic who turned Spritual guide.

One barely have time to mediate in their hectic day to day life style. Read them in soundful environment to feel the thoughts of Socrates and mediate in the form of reading quote. This will surely help to purify your mind qith negative impacts.

These quotes might be short but listen to me, open this when you feel your life has been meaningless.

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becomin' more aware of what's worth my energy - trying to make deepstash more student friendly through my life lesson of my engineering journey!


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