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Realtime demo on how to working with Google Cloud Storage for ASP .NET Core 6 Applications (Hands-on Demo)

Map a Custom Domain to Google Cloud Run Service

The traditional way of implementing RESTful APIs in .NET WebAPI involve using controllers, a whole lot of bloated dependencies, un-necessarily large list of files and a humongous code base just to implement a simple endpoint with a plain text response.

There are might be several small, medium and enterprise level Web Applications that are still running on PHP 5.4. The most not-so-convincing reasons that they are still on out-dated version of PHP could belack of technical expertise to upgrade PHP to a stable version in a methodical waylack of understanding of what are all the areas of your legacy code base that your application is spread acrossanticipating something will break after upgrading old PHP to latest stable version.

If you are looking to build a high-performance web application for next billion users, ASP.NET Core for .NET 6 is the go-to web framework of your choice.

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