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A book on how to pray for things that would almost seem impossible for man, in order to get a favorable outcome from God. This is only a very vague summary of the book and I would highly recommend that interested people give it a read. Its short and very well written, especially because Buddy has given his experiences and how he had his prayers answered.

There are about 300+ theories of aging, some which have been broken down here. Along with them, certain lifestyle changes which could slow down the physiological effects of aging. is also given.

The essence of the fascinating string theory.

Deep space exploration is something which scientists have been aiming for, for a long time. However, among many other technical limitations and complications, biological limitations are also a factor.

Here are some tips to reduce abdominal fat, the accumulation of which is linked to life threatening cardiac diseases. Not only that, eating healthy always manifests itself with an overall improved mood.

Joel M Saju


A medical student who is interested in the comings and goings of the universe.


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