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A business may undergo a transformation for a variety of reasons. It could be the result of new technology, market shifts, low profit and turnover resulting in cost cutting, or a merger and acquisition. These factors are critical for a company's success, necessitating a change in the business ecosystem.

Every Business needs to update its technology and adapt to the changing needs and market conditions along with it are the challenges in moving to the new SAP S/4HANA Product Suite. The article focuses on how SAP ECC Systems can be transformed and the key steps involved during the transformation. Source Article : https://ktern.com/article/how-sap-ecc-systems-can-be-migrated-to-s-4hana-and-challenges-faced-by-a-cio-during-a-digital-transformation/

How ECC can be better transformed to S/4HANA and what are the key steps to look at before even starting it. In this ideas, we would deeper into the SAP transformation journey and focus more on how to start and prepare the baseline before embarking on the journey

KTern.AI DXaaS Transformation


I am an avid Learner who loves learning new things. My full time job is hands on coding and designing where I am involved in developing a product for S/4HANA Transformations. My everyday activity includes understanding the user journey for the pain we are


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