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The myth of a dream job

Many people think they've found their dream job, often based on nothing more than an ad. They may seek guidance on how to overcome not being hired or be excited that they've been hired.

But, jobs don't always look the same from the outside as from the inside. The dream job can quickly turn sour by a terrible boss, toxic culture, or pressing workload.

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There’s No Such Thing as a “Dream Job”


Work Culture

Work culture is a crucial ingredient in any company's success. It helps us reach success so it is important for us to protect it and take good care of it, not only for the company's sake but also to foster a great working environment.

Employees that are satisfied with their environment are more productive than those who are dissatisfied.

A manufacturing executive on the industry-agnostic steps to forming strong culture


Misunderstanding leadership

Leaderships is one of the most misunderstood responsibilities in business.

Many people confuse leadership with rank or authority.

Hiring hack: How to better evaluate your candidates | Simon Sinek | Big Think


Walt Disney

"The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing."

Quotes to Inspire Entrepreneurs on the More Difficult Days


Accidental Leaders

Thousands of professionals who excel in their current role get promoted in an organization and before they know it, they find themselves in senior and leadership roles with more responsibility, but without any support or training.

These professionals are good at their core jobs where they manage themselves or a small team. Being thrust in a leadership role where their decisions impact the whole organization can backfire for many.

The Accidental Leader


Delivering feedback to defensive people
  • Clear content: Choose the right language and imagine you’re a newscaster clearly relaying the most essential information to them.
  • Neutral tone: Remove your emotions from the equation.
  • Temperate phrasing: Don’t use any words or loaded language that could provoke them into getting angry or dismissing you.

The Three Keys to Giving Feedback to Overly Defensive People


The issue of Leaveism
  • Leaveism is the behavior that makes employees feel compelled to use their holidays or days off to complete work-related tasks, away from the office.
  • It is a problem that is increasing annually because of the pressure to fulfill the expectations of ever-changing deadlines and demands of the employers.
  • As the numbers of the unemployed increase, the attitude towards work changed. With fewer people covering the same volume of work, workloads have become tedious and exhausting.

The hidden tactic overloaded workers are using to catch up


Roads In Ancient Rome

Ancient Rome built sophisticated infrastructure ranging from bridges, amphitheatres, aqueducts and even sewer systems.

The Roman network of roads, called Viae Romanae and meaning ‘Roman Ways’ was a huge breakthrough in quick and easy transportation of trade goods, military supplies, and free movement of civilians and soldiers.

Centers of Progress: Rome (Roads)


Johannes Gutenberg

He was a 15th-century German goldsmith and inventor and is known for creating the first metal movable-type printing press.

Gutenberg's inventions included a process for mass-producing movable type, the use of oil-based ink for printing books, and adjustable molds.

Heroes of Progress: Johannes Gutenberg


Accept that you have to put in place remote work systems, even if more than half of your employees ultimately revert to office-based work.

  • If done right, a remote-first infrastructure will allow your employees' flexibility to be productive whenever, wherever.
  • It also opens up the ability to hire the best people regardless of locale.
  • It gives your organization a high degree of resilience.

CEOs and Leaders: Here's how to prepare for an extended period of remote work



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