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Explore John Doerr's brilliant work on OKRs, defined by himself as: "A management methodology that helps to ensure that the company focuses efforts on the same important issues throughout the organization”.

Discover Andrew Doyle's reflections in his book Free Speech and Why It Matters. Now more than ever it is necessary to reflect on the importance of free speech in our society, for without it, we run the risk of marginalised ideas undermining democracy in a reactionary way and remaining in a static non-evolution as a society.

In the UnCommunist Manifesto, Aleks Svetski and Mark Moss set out the problems of today and the solutions for tomorrow, with organic capitalism and individual sovereignty at the core of this new paradigm.

Discover the idea of Teaism, captured in the classical work The Book of Tea.

Through this video, the best-seller author, David Epstein, demonstrates why divergent thinkers (or generalists) beat prodigies in the actual changing world.

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