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These ideas helped me to make my work ethic effective , it made me do work I did in 5 hours to 2 hours . Not bad if you are just starting out and think going to bed having done everything with relaxed mind very few people get that type of sleep

they are important to me and will ne important to all reading the article you bring the terminology of 5 Gears to your home or office, you can easily let others know when you or they are in a different gear to what’s needed. If a colleague is still talking business at lunch, just tell them to switch to third, or if your child is looking for attention while you’re in fifth, flash them five fingers. The message is clear, and no one gets offended by a personal slight – it’s just a case of changing gear!

These ideas can be life changing for a person as it doesn't give you a productivity hack or technique to stop procrastination . It give you the idea to see life with a different perspective

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