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My Name is Parth. I love to have and discuss Great Ideas!





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There was a boy named Robert! he had two fathers, Rich Dad Or Poor Dad! Both dad were very smart and hard working.

Poor dad used to say that we can't afford expensive things. and Rich dad used to say that find the ways to get what you want!

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Value Your Time!

Successful and Intelligent people like Elon Musk keeps themselves so busy! They are working 20 hours a day. so 120 hours a week they gives to work(Tasks). and you must know where they are Today. they are Managing Time, and there is only Self-Management!

4 Habits of Effective Readers!

Many People says that books reading is so boring or it's very serious task! But Great People like Elon Musk, Bill Gates reads very Effectively! but the question is "How to read books Effectively?"


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