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I'm a professional business/mentality/life coach, Reiki adept, blogger with desire to motivate and inspire people to live the life they would love.


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Why is intention important

Recently there has been a lot of talks that if you want to do something, you need to not only be willing, plan and commit to that thing, but also you have to have a clear intention. Though what does that actually mean? Why is this important? What is intention? How does it work? And how to set an intention that will be aligned with your goals?



What means to be authentic

If you want to be successful you need to be genuine If you want to be happy you need to be your real self. If you want people to like you, you need to be authentic. Those kinds of sentence you might hear in many places. From your relatives, friends, news, blogs, TV shows and ads. Everywhere there is put a huge pressure of being authentic. Of being true, honest, real and sincere... Read more



Multi-skilling, your way to success

Did you hear, people, saying, that you need to specialise in one specific area? That you need to focus on one specific thing and master it? Spend 10 000 hours on it to become an expert? Or maybe you want to start your business and offer your services to the people. Did you hear a statement, that you need to find your precise niche and focus on it? On creating your customer model with all details like job, education, hobbies and their needs?... Read more



Get out of your way
  • OK! You have your goal. Your vision you want to achieve. Is it a dream car? Or maybe 2 weeks holidays in Bali? Or buying a new house? Or creating time and financial freedom? No matter if it is a small or enormous goal. You have it. You know what you want. Maybe you have also a plan of a sort, what you need to accomplish, to get to your goal... Read more



Stop fixing everything just because you can

Some people have a tendency to fix things. And this actually a very good ability, to be able and willing to fix something. However, there are things, situations that can not or are not worthy to be fixed. Yet, those fixers, stubbornly, put a lot of their time and energy, to patch it up. To prove to the world that they can do it. They can repair anything, and everything. It does not matter if that thing is not used, or sometimes, even after repairing, it can not be used anymore. It does not matter, that they spend, like hours, days even, to find,how to perform the ... Read more