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Self-discovery is a path that should be travelled by every soul. I write to seek out to everyone, and even if "ONE" reads it and feels a change, that's a BIG WIN!

If you are interested even after reading that title, peek in!

Well, in the journey of finding my true self, I find a lot of roadblocks. Blocks that don't truly exists, but are a constant source of suffering. Something that is personal to me, but also public. I shall win this war...while you read and witness the battle!

I have been dealing with mental health issues for as long as I remember taking breath. I always seeked external methods of fixing myself. Only to realize that my suffering doesn't originate in the outside world, but rather it comes from within.

Recently, I have been on the path of self-discovery. I am learning things about myself, that sound so basic, but when truly understood and integrated can have a life-changing impact. This was something that truly blew me away!

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