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Is A Graphic Design Degree Worth It In 2021?

You don’t necessarily need a degree to become a graphic designer. Though, all of this has got us asking, is a graphic design degree worth it in 2021?

We’re going to weigh both the advantages and disadvantages of a degree in graphic design to help you answer the question “should I major in graphic design?


At Netflix, running A/B tests, where possible, allows us to substantiate causality and confidently make changes to the product knowing that our members have voted for them with their actions.

An A/B test starts with an idea — some change we can make to the UI, the personalization systems that help members find content, the signup flow for new members, or any other part of the Netflix experience that we believe will produce a positive result for our members.


Netflix was created with the idea of putting consumer choice and control at the centre of the entertainment experience, and as a company, we continuously evolve our product offerings to improve on that value proposition.

Back in 2010, the Netflix UI was static, with limited navigation options and a presentation inspired by displays at a video rental store.

Now, the UI is immersive and video-forward, the navigation options richer but less obtrusive, and the box art presentation takes greater advantage of the digital experience.


Our approach to building transparent and explainable AI systems

Delivering the best member and customer experiences with a focus on trust is core to everything that we do at LinkedIn. As we continue to build on our Responsible AI program that we recently outlined three months ago, a key part of our work is designing products that provide the right protections, mitigate unintended consequences, and ultimately better serve our members, customers, and society.


Building Microsoft-powered native video meetings on LinkedIn

As the world has increasingly embraced virtual connections over the past year, video communication has become essential to professional conversations. With over 744 million members on LinkedIn, we want to make professional conversations more personal by helping members meet face-to-face over video, especially in this time of hybrid and remote work where many of us cannot meet in person.