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In Creating Great Choices, Riel and Martin provide a framework for making wise strategic decisions by generating multiple options and carefully assessing them before committing to a final choice. They outline techniques to avoid narrow either/or thinking.

In Content Inc., Joe Pulizzi makes the case for entrepreneurs to build media platforms and valuable content that attracts their ideal audience rather than pitching products alone. He provides strategies for using content to build a loyal following.

In Conscious Leadership, the authors argue that businesses should focus on purpose beyond profits to uplift humanity. They propose integrating higher levels of ethics, empathy and awareness.

In Connecting the Dots, former Cisco CEO John Chambers shares leadership and management lessons from his tenure growing Cisco into a tech giant. He provides advice on leading digital transformations.

In Connect, David Bradford argues that human connection and relationships are the key to health, happiness, and professional success. He provides research and advice on improving all types of relationships.

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