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4 July - Independence day

Independence Day in the United States is an annual celebration of the passage of the Declaration of Independence by the Continental Congress on July 4, 1776.

The marking of the first day of independence during the summer of 1776 took the form of a mock funeral of the king, whose "death" symbolized the end of monarchy and tyranny and the beginning of liberty.

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Self Improvement

Independence Day | History, Meaning, & Date


Skepticism - we know very little with any certainty

The central belief of Skepticism is that there is little we can know with absolute certainty. There will always be a second opinion or a different perspective.

The Greek Pyrrho of Elis, and the Roman Sextus Empiricus thought recognizing Skepticism is the best thing philosophy can give us.

Pyrrho and the Skeptical way of life: ignorance is bliss


The Power Of Television

Invented in 1926 by Scottish inventor John Logie Baird, the Television has been an incredible, long-lasting creation, having the power to take us to wonderful places where we can experience news, entertainment, sports and real or fictional stories of all kinds.

The first transmission was broadcast by Baird, who later also invented the first colour television.

Focus on... The Power of Television | BAFTA


Stop reacting to life and start responding to it.

If you want to really change, you need to start reframing your mindset. You’re not in control of everything that happens to you, but you are in control of how you respond to what happens to you.

How to Instantly Reframe Your Mindset And Radically Improve Your Life


The Origins Of Stand-Up Comedy

In the late 19th and early 20th centuries, America pioneered the concept of stand-up comedy, an art form that was an odd kind of basic, no-frills entertainment. A person facing a crowd, with a mic in hand, has to make them laugh.

The origins of stand-up comedy are traced to burlesque shows at New York City’s vaudeville theaters, mostly catering to people familiar with modern city life. The initial shows by the earliest ‘stand-up’ comedians were short and full of slapstick humor, as if racing to please the audience in the least amount of time.

Who invented stand-up? The origins of a peculiarly American form of comedy


Why most people end on the path to mediocrity
  • They are not willing to fail;
  • They don't see value in learning and self-education;
  • They don’t think they have what it takes to be extraordinary;
  • They are confused about what is truly valuable;
  • They spend more time making comparisons than working on themselves.

Why Most People Will Remain in Mediocrity


A Marketers Dream

Millennials are every marketer’s dream, with more than a trillion dollars of buying power. They are also a challenge, as traditional TV and movie stars are not appealing to them.

Millennials seem to prefer YouTube influencers and social media celebrities for advice on products and services. Surveys show that popular Youtube celebrities occupy half of the top spots in terms of approachability and authenticity among millennials.

Why YouTube Stars Influence Millennials More Than Traditional Celebrities


The Voyeuristic World

Voyeurism, something that was a reality much before reality TV and Instagram stories have always been part of human instinct, and are often illicit or sexual in nature.

Social media, reality TV and entertainment sections of mainstream media have turned us all into voyeurs. The pandemic has increased our average time spent online, where we are consuming information news and updates, more and more curious about what is happening with others.

Why we can't stop peeking into other people's lives


Living With Uncertainty

Humans want to be certain about the future, as our mind perceives uncertainty and ambiguity as a problem. Our resistance to uncertainty is a cause of anxiety and worry.

We have to learn to live with ambiguity and insecurity in life, and need to accept the reality of things being out of control.

7 strategies to help you live with uncertainty


John Dewey

"We do not learn from experience…we learn from reflecting on experience."

The Art of Journaling: How To Start Journaling, Benefits of Journaling, and More



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