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Deepstash helps creative (but busy) folk unlock knowledge from books, articles & podcasts.

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Ray Dalio




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10 schools of philosophy and why you should know them

10 schools of philosophy and why you should know them

10 schools of philosophy and why you should know them

Big Think




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The Science of Keeping the Brain Healthy | Episode 7

The Science of Keeping the Brain Healthy | Episode 7

Lifespan with Dr. David Sinclair




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Ideas are like dots. They live inside books, articles or podcasts. The more ideas you have access to, the smarter you are.

Deepstash gives access to a vast library of ideas on nearly any topic you can think of in just 600 characters each. It’s practically cheating.

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There are 2M+ dedicated users saving and sharing the ideas that inspire them.

Join the community and build your library of life-changing ideas. Save and organise them. Share them with others.



As Steve Jobs famously said, creativity is just connecting the dots.

Deepstash will help you build stronger reading habits, so that you keep discovering relevant ideas.Share them with your loved ones or with your team-mates to get the creative juices going.


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Shankul Varada

Best app ever! You heard it right. This app has pulled me out of my rut and helped me get back on my quest to get things done while equipping myself with knowledge everyday. Thank you team Deepstash!

Giovanna Scalzone

Brilliant. It feels fresh and encouraging. So many interesting pieces of information that are just enough to absorb and apply. It helps me stay away from social media apps. I love the fact you can save ideas and read comments from others. I don't mind the reminders nor the message about daily streak/goal, they don't bother me, I believe they make you feel noticed and they do have an impact on your decision of wanting to come back to the app the next day and so on. Super happy I found this.

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Jamyson Haug

I think the base idea of this app is executed extremely well and I hope that the userbase continues to grow. I have been looking for something other than standard social media where I can get information like what is found in this app. Great for quick bits of information and interesting ideas around whatever topics you are interested in. Good for learning new ideas or adopting new practices in your personal or work life. Visually, it looks great as well.

Sean Green

Great interesting short snippets of informative articles. I didn't know how much I needed this until I opened it up. Highly recommended to anyone who loves information and lacks patience.