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( P.S. I am jotting down this to save myself from those overwhelming instants ) Hey ppl ! How is the title of this article? I wanted it to be kinda rhyming, catchy and impactful. So, I created this short "quote" on my own. Do let me know if you like it.

Self- Doubt : Kick it out!

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Scary Thoughts...

You ever felt like you are no good? Doubting your capabilities and accomplishments? Feeling low about yourself? Well, then you're not the only one. At least I am here battling with my scary thoughts like you.

Here are a few things that can help you to be sure of yourself.

Come Out Of Your Comfort Zone

"Miracles happen only when you come out of your comfort zone." I know it's simply said than done. But trust me, start with small steps. You are certainly going to see the change over time. And remember, don't be super hard on yourself. "Pushing your limits" and "Pushing p...

Stop Over-estimating Yourself 

That may be true...You either over-estimate yourself or undervalue the talents of the people around you. And as a matter of fact, It will be really painful and disheartening once you know the real truth. "Never think less of yourself, instead think yourself less" 

Know Your Priorities 

Were you indecisive while making your career choices? Couldn't you answer when somebody asked you about your favorites? Is it hard for you to list out your strengths and weaknesses? If so, you may be lacking self-awareness. We are always interested in knowing others' stuff, while at the same time...

Never Let Them Overpower You

Many things in the world would make us depressed. But never let them overpower you. Remember, everything will be simple if you know these three things - your real potential, what matters to you, and at last, be brave enough to challenge yourself.

No doubt about it - You Are Worthy!!...

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Who said learning a language needs to be boring and tiring? Is it possible to study while staying in bed, feeling comfy and cozy? The answer is YES!



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