What Is a Welcome Email, and How Do You Write One? - business.com - Deepstash
What Is a Welcome Email, and How Do You Write One? - business.com

What Is a Welcome Email, and How Do You Write One? - business.com


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What Is a Welcome Email, and How Do You Write One? - business.com

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Welcome E-mail

The primary purpose of the welcome email is to confirm registration and welcome the new subscriber aboard. The welcome emails will show them the kind of company that you are. Moreover, it's the friendly message that will establish your relationship with them.

Welcome emails are critical to a successful relationship. These e-mails can hook a new subscriber with a single word, image, or personalization tactic. This could also include special offers and deals. 


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Creating a Welcome E-mail

  1. Personalization - addressing new subscribers by name can inpsire their engagement
  2. Engagement - tracking engagement will allow your business to send welcome emails to new subscribers at the optimal time for interaction
  3. Introduction - a friendly greeting primes the reader to find the company likable
  4. Expectations - briefly explain the benefits of subscribing and outline clearly what they can expect from the company
  5. Perks - always give more than you ask and prioritize the subs well-being
  6. Connection - the end of the welcome message is a great place to humanize your company and build connections


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Essential Welcome E-mail Best Practices

  1. Test and Track your e-mails - Utilize email marketing services to meaure engagement. See what works best by varying subject lines, sub preferences, or personalization tactics
  2. Create effective subject lines - The subject line convinces the sub to view the message
  3. Consider optimal timing - The optimal time for sending out a welcome email is often within an hour after signup
  4. Make the message scannable - Because attention spans are short
  5. Appeal to subscribers' values - People are more likely to comply with your request if you present ideas that align with their commitments and beliefs


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7 Inspirations for Your Welcome E-mail

  1. Cratejoy
  3. Cameo
  4. GoodRx Gold
  5. Ruggable
  6. HalloweenCostumes
  7. Express


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