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API Best Practices You Should Know

API Best Practices You Should Know


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API Best Practices You Should Know

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Understanding the purpose of the API can help you get a good idea of the kind of data the API collects as input and the kind of data it gives out. There are different formats of data used with APIs. Some examples are JSON, YAML, e.t.c.


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An API should be easy to read as this will make it easy to understand. Readability includes API definitions and response messages. Writing readable code also applies to software development as this will make it easier for further development and collaboration with other developers. Use readable response messages that include both error and success messages clearly stated out using standard error codes to give more understanding to the consumers.


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Documentation is essential to API development. It gives the users a firmer understanding of the API endpoints along with their functions, the API data types, and its overall workflow.


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Writing tests can not be overemphasized as it is also essential to building quality software. It helps solve security issues, resolve errors in the codebase, and test API workflow.


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Implementing rate limiting on your API is essential in managing resources. This forces developers to take a more optimized approach to use your APIs. You can also build paid version of your API by increasing rate limits for paid customers.


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