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Iustina Tutuianu on Oct 27

Iustina Tutuianu on Oct 27


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Iustina Tutuianu on Oct 27

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How to live abroad and feel a part of that country

Living abroad is difficult. Especially when you don't feel a part of that new country. 

Things that could help you with that might be: 

  • learn the language; the more you know of the language, the more enjoyable and comfortable your life will become.
  • figure out the culture; what to do, what not to do, what is appropriate, what is not. 
  • make friends; join social clubs like painting class, cycling group, join social media groups.
  • eat and drink like a local;
  • travel all over the country;
  • after you learn the language, listen to the local radio, watch local series;
  • challenge yourself every day;


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Everyone smiles in the same language.


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