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Monica Mishra on Nov 02

Monica Mishra on Nov 02

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The Three "F" Or Fantastic Laws Of Happiness

The Three "F" Or Fantastic Laws Of Happiness

  • Forecasting create tension, avoid it.
  • Focus on your necessities , not expectations.
  • Free yourself from thinking what others think about you.


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Forecasting Creates Tension , Avoid

You keep on thinking instead of doing that thing. The fear keeps you holding and don't help you to try something new and exciting just because if you fail what will happen. Drop that fear my dear , you have potential just look at it.


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Focus On Your Necessities , Not Expectations

We keep on expecting and that's the whole problem. Expect from us and even from others but do not a single thing for any one of them without the feeling that I want it back one day .

Become selfless ,try spreading love and not just gulping it always .


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Free Yourself From Thinking What Others Think About You

I mean why , it's their work na? Let them do. Why interfere and get yourself hurt and cry if it's not upto your mark darling ?

You have your duties for everything in life .. just put your hundred percent and even if they talk behind your back .. Remember, let the dogs bark . You ignore and go your way. That's more important than just listening and creating blockage in your path.


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Psychic mess trying to relax the brain with writings. #selimprovement #lifeanddeath #happy #mind

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