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How to study effectively - 5 ways to improve yourself

How to study effectively - 5 ways to improve yourself

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What is the best effective way to study?

What is the best effective way to study?

As you think of concentrating on ways, that are appropriate for you, consider the tips given below:

1. Be prepared

Prepare yourself for tomorrow lectures and be good listener in class when teachers were teaching you. Pack your bag in night only so that you do not get late in Morning. Because if you will get late, you will scold by the teachers and your day will be ruined. Always wake up early in the morning, review the notes which you have prepared in evening, so that if any teacher ask you question you can answer it confidently.


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<p><strong>2. Get Organized </...

2. Get Organized

Organise your plan as comfortable you are. Whenever, when you are doing Homework, Assignment and Project make sure that you will complete it. Always organise your study table so that when you will sit for study, you will be focused and not your mind will roaming here and there to find things.

3. Pay attention in School/College lectures

Focus and stay away from distractions when the teacher is teaching. Practice active listening so that you will listen more carefully what the teacher has been said. Make your own notes after understanding the concept.


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4. Make Schedule/Time table

While making the schedule, think about what is important or which is less important. The thing which is important try to do it in morning itself, so that your other time will be utilised to do the other things. Always set specific goals for that study session and must remember to complete it. Without completing it, you will not sleep, think like this. Earlier, set some easy goals when you will complete it reward yourself. So that you will gain more confidence to complete more task in a day.


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5. Practice more and more

Make a learning practice daily of one chapter from each books or as you are suitable with learning. If you don't remember it in first time learn it again and again but don't be blindfold, don't mug-up each and everything. It's good to learn from by heart. Understand first and then ask question to yourself that you have understood or not. If you don't have understood, revise it again and again. Remember to practice more and more, so that you will boost your power to raise it.


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Study Smarter, Not Harder

Study Smarter, Not Harder

The skills of learning is to study effectively that the great way to pace your learning. Ask question to yourself and if you don't understand it, revise it again. If you were learning or reading anything, ask question Why? Where? When?. If you get the answer you are on right path . We don't want that you become topper but you become successful person it's our goal. Make your goal today itself and don't stop until you did not achieve it.


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