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Anyone Can Be a Math Person Once They Know the Best Learning Techniques

Anyone Can Be a Math Person Once They Know the Best Learning Techniques

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Reasoning Principal

Reasoning Principal

Being a math person does not means to recite the formulas between the sines, cosines, tangents and to use logarithms and exponentials interchangeably. That's not necessarily what to think everyone should try to concentrate to understand. The main things to concentrate to understand the mathematical principles of reasoning. 


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Sequence of Dependencies

Sequence of Dependencies

Sines, cosines,and logarithms do have actual value. What they are is that they are ways to show how these basic building blocks of reasoning can be used to deduce surprising things or difficult things. In some sense they're like the historical coverages of the triumphs of mathematics, so one cannot just talk abstractly about “yes let's talk about mathematical logic”.

One reason mathematics is difficult to understand is actually because of that network of prerequisites. Math is one of these strange subjects for which the concepts are chained in sequences of dependencies.


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Connection of Mathematics

Connection of Mathematics

When you have long chains there are very few starting points—very few things need to memorize. In mathematics, you have very few that you memorize and the rest you deduce as you go through, and this chain of deductions is actually what's critical. 

The difference between math and other subjects; Math has fewer concepts but they're chained deeper. And because of the way that we usually learn when you had deep chains it's very fragile because you lose any one link—meaning if you miss a few concepts along the chain you can actually be completely lost. 


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Learn your own pace

Learn your own pace

The education often works where it's almost like riding a train from a beginning to an end, well it's such that if you have a hole somewhere in your track the train is not going to pass that hole.

The way to help to address this is to provide a way for everyone to learn at their own pace and in fact to fill in the holes whenever they are sensed. 

Everyone is a math person, and all that one has to do is to go through the chain and fill in all the gaps, and you will understand it better than all the other subjects actually.


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you don't know what you don't know. ~ Socrates


Professor Po-Shen Loh talked about mathematical reasoning and learning process that anyone can be found in math.

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