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Self-Improvement Ideas from a 21 Year Old

Self-Improvement Ideas from a 21 Year Old

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Don't be Ignorant

Don't be Ignorant

Being ignorant means someone is lacking proper knowledge or proper insight and to lack something as crucial as knowledge is a shame. When someone is ignorant they become self-absorbed, unaware of the greater picture, and apathetic.

Moreover, when someone is ignorant, they tend to be emotional and they end up making the wrong decisions because of their emotions.


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Avoid Social Media or Use It Less

Avoid Social Media or Use It Less

Many of us don't see the greater picture of social medias. Social medias are useful when we just use for a short amount of time. But however, most of us spend so much time on them which results in our demotion and our integrity, self-respect, confidence,time, etc all are hampered because of the negative vibes that radiate from social medias.

As a wise choice, social media should be used as a strategy to expand your business and other works . But, using social media for some short interaction is completely fine.


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Slow Down Champ

Slow Down Champ

We, the youngsters, tend to rush in our conversations and movement like a habit and in fact, it has become a habit.

Rather, we should slow down and be more mindful of what we are doing. It helps us reduce our stress, appear more reasonable and chairsmatic, appear as confident and mature, etc.


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Control Your Emotions

Control Your Emotions

Controlling emotions is very significant and it can't be comprehended just through words.

Our positive emotions help us to socialize better, get recognition for our worth, recieve respect, make progress, etc. In contrast, our negative emotions, if appeared many a times, can lead to downfall.

In that case, we should check our emotions at times and make the habit of being optimistic.

But however, talking with a professional is necessary if someone's emotions are out of control.


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Be Humble

Be Humble

Last but not least, humility is a exclusive trait of a great man and it will help you reach greatness.

"Humility is no substitute for a good personality."

- Fran Lebowitz.

"Humility is the most beautiful virtue that we can develop."

- Joyce Meyer.

"The only wisdom we can hope to acquire is the wisdom of humility."

- T. S. Eliot.


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I like to explore various topics such as - psychology, personal development, health, productivity, etc, and I write on these often.

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