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The path of memorizing: Loci.

The path of memorizing: Loci.

Your brain is so smart, you can create locis for each time you need to remember something.


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What is a loci?

What is a loci?

Loci is also called a "Roman house", which explains that if you want to remember something, you must imagine a place you know and add those elements to remember easily


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First Step: Place

First Step: Place

Select the place you want to walk in your imagination.

You must choose one which your familiarize, for example:

  • Your house.
  • Your bedroom.
  • Your school.
  • A favourite restaurant.

Take a moment to check if you clearly remember that place, but if you have problems it is better to change it.


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Second Step: Concept

Second Step: Concept

Now that you have the place, you should write some concepts that you want to memorize.

  • Be direct and write on paper the names, years, or idea
  • Is following an order or random?
  • Short phrases are key.


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Third Step: Let's make our imagination fly

Third Step: Let's make our imagination fly

You have your place selected, you have your ideas written, then you must imagine the situation in your mind.

For example: Your list is composed of coffee, milk, oat; it is your grosery list, so you can image your favorite supermarket.

Imagine yourself walking into it, looking a big announcement of big boxes of coffee fighting against bottles of milk. Then, a big bag of oat comes to ask you who you think would win the battle. Is rare? Your brain would feel more attached to it.

  • Adapt the ideas as you want, but keeping the principal meaning.


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