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Top 7 TED Talks On Customer Success

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Top 7 TED Talks On Customer Success

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Kabbalarian Ethics of Thinking

Kabbalarian Ethics of Thinking

I've made many mistakes.

"But this does not become evil. They occur through wrong evaluation or comparison, through over-anxiousness or excessive optimism. First mistakes could be judgment errors, yet a lesson learned. Multiple mistakes can then compound into a conscious mistake upon a negative plane of mind, which can be punishable through the law of reaction and your conscious realization that you deliberately created your test and the trial is you must now find the solution."

Alfred J. Parker, Founder, Kabalarian Philosophy (1897-1964)

Kabbalarian Ethics of Thinking


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Words have the power to create or destroy. The word Dunamis is a Greek philosophical concept meaning "power", "potential" or "ability" it is where the word Dynamite comes from. 

Strive to appreciate and respect the words we use by removing vulgarity, deceit, defamation, or gossiping. 

In doing so we are less likely to start putting ourselves in that plane of consciousness where we, therefore, become the tested and arbiter of something we might have created ourselves, or are afraid of, or did not want to feel exposed. Any mutated form of pride has universal constraints and ramifications. 


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The Power of Words can create and destroy. Sometimes by our words, we create a call on the Universal Smart Contract which has both a cause and an effect.

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