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What was the most interesting piece of advice?

What was the most interesting piece of advice?

  • Loving yourself is the first rule of love.
  • The biggest milestone on the internet is to earn the first $1.
  • Many stories bore people. All people want is a piece of information that will tell them how to survive in chaos.
  • Don't beat up yourself when things go wrong. The solution will not come when you lose your cool. The solution will come when you’re at peace with yourself.
  • It takes a little effort to turn a page of your memory to recollect something you did in the past that could unlock the door for you in the present or future.


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<ul><li>People who suffered th...

  • People who suffered the worst broken relationships write the most romantic novels. People who went through a hard life write the most interesting stories.
  • Start doing something that has never been done before, and people will think you’re crazy. Stop doing it, and people will want to stone you.
  • Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about being found by others.
  • You could actually go through life without realizing you were there.
  • Stop indulging in other people’s affairs. If you’re unable to cope with your own problems, why indulge in other people’s affairs?


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