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Developing cognitive skills helps to plan and prioritize things better, they internalize them and help them for lifelong success.

How to catch the time?

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Time Management for Kids

In the current context of the technology era, it gets challenging for every parent to teach time management for kids. The world has presented them with multiple distractions from Netflix, Prime, Online Games, Zoom classes. When the distractions are more, it is difficult to learn and build cogniti...

Practice waiting

Remember the famous Stanford Marshmallow experiment? This was a study on delayed gratification on small children, 

where the child was offered a choice between one small but immediate reward, or two small rewards if they waited for a period of time. During this time, the researcher left the...

Follow the Keep here routine

In the classrooms, the students are assigned certain places to keep their books, files, lunch box, etc. Following a similar technique helps in keeping the kid on top of things and also being responsible.

 Few suggestions

  • Keeping the remote control on the TV table
  • Using do...

Use Hourglass/ Visual timer

The goal here is to make the child manage the tasks effectively and efficiently. During the initial, the timer could create anxiety and stress, but over the period of time, they will learn to manage the task with greater efficiency and more importantly in an effective manner. Timer helps the kids...

Understanding the priorities

Spending a few minutes every day with the child to list down the activities helps understand the backlog. It is important to talk to them that some tasks are short, some are long, some are immediate and some can wait. Not everything can be achieved in the same day and it's important the child und...

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Time to Think by Nancy Kline helps you build a Thinking Environment.



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