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Can Wikipedia Be Trusted?

Can Wikipedia Be Trusted?


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Crowdsourcing has become a household word, with crowdfunded products, businesses, art projects, nonprofits, and even new journalism models. Citizen scientists band together virtually to find new galaxies, count birds, and monitor water quality.

But the granddaddy of crowdsourced informatio...

Wikipedia’s popularity as an information source with everyone from grade-schoolers to those in their golden years, led Shane Greenstein, a professor of strategy at the Kellogg School, to investigate how faithfully Wikipedia adheres to a “neutral point of view.”

Newer articles, he has ...

As sources that aspire to provide comprehensive information, Britannica and Wikipedia face similar conflicts over the length, tone, and factual basis of controversial, unverifiable, and subjective content.

Understandably, these conflicts are “pervasive” when it comes to cu...

Britannica and Wikipedia address this problem in distinct ways. The encyclopedia uses a small group of experts and editors who engage in a back-and-forth dialogue before settling on what to publish for a given entry.

Wikipedia goes much larger scale, depending on the virtual crowd—tens of...

Wikipedia’s political articles are more likely to lean “mildly” Democratic—or to slant left—than Britannica’s. The extent of the bias in Wikipedia entries is greater.

Wikipedia articles with more revision in them had less bias and were less likely to lean Democratic. The largest biases and...

Longer articles were more likely to be biased than shorter ones. And Wikipedia’s articles tend to be longer than Britannica’s—partly for the obvious reason that online content faces none of the financial constraints print media does in regard to length.

The greater availability of space e...

It is important to remember that Wikipedia positions itself as a jumping-off point rather than a definitive source. Britannica, on the other hand, presented itself as the ultimate authority.

But many people do take Wikipedia as definitive. And that is why it is important to tease out its p...

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web3 is not the universal panacea. People's incentives are more complex than just simple tokens, as this Wikipedia author highlights.



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