Why DeFi Projects Are Flocking to OlympusDAO Bonding - Decrypt - Deepstash
Why DeFi Projects Are Flocking to OlympusDAO Bonding - Decrypt

Why DeFi Projects Are Flocking to OlympusDAO Bonding - Decrypt

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<p><span>In a heated </span><a...

In a heated Senate hearing on stablecoins this past week, one name came up far more than anyone in crypto would have expected: OlympusDAO and its OHM stablecoin. OHM is a so-called stablecoin that, unlike other stablecoins, is not pegged to a fiat currency. Its price has declined sharply recently, but that hasn’t stopped a slew of DeFi projects from partnering with OlympusDAO because they want to tap its white-label liquidity solution, OlympusPro. 


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<p><span>Fixing this arrangeme...

Fixing this arrangement is thus the promise of so-called DeFi 2.0 projects, like OlympusDAO. One particular feature is Olympus’ bonding function .

Olympus bonds are similar to traditional bonds. They offer users a way to buy discounted OHM tokens by swapping either a handful of cryptocurrencies or liquidity provision (LP) tokens from another exchange like SushiSwap.


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<p><span>But it's the bonding ...

But it's the bonding mechanism, not the staking, that’s got DeFi projects excited.

The mechanism is unique enough that Olympus has now rolled out a bonding-as-a-service product called OlympusPro. For a 3.3% fee on all bond payouts in a project’s native token, the Olympus team will implement this bonding mechanism for you. 


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