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Transformational Leadership: How to Motivate & Inspire Teams

Transformational Leadership: How to Motivate & Inspire Teams


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Transformational Leadership

Transformational leaders are those who engage with followers to raise one another to higher levels of motivation and morality.

How do they achieve this? By embodying an inspiring vision in order to motivate followers to work on shared goals that transcend their self-interest.

  • Extraversion
  • Low neuroticism and high levels of self-efficacy
  • Openness to new experience
  •  Conscientiousness
  • Agreeableness and supportiveness

Transformational leaders set a high standard of moral and ethical conduct to engender loyalty and respect in their followers. One might say they ‘walk the talk’ or lead by example.

Transformational leaders stimulate the inner emotional worlds of their followers by appealing to higher ideals and values.

They achieve this by tenaciously upholding an inspiring vision linked to clear goals. Rather than obfuscating the vision with jargon, they repeatedly and enthusiastical...

Transformational leaders also model concern for their team’s welfare, creating an atmosphere of trust. By coaching and mentoring with empathy, they promote growth and development while garnering meaningful insights into a...

Transformational leadership is often juxtaposed with transactional leadership. The latter leaders “cater to their followers’ immediate self-interests” instead of uplifting the morals of their followers through inspiration 

Transformational leaders foster creative, innovative proble...

EI (Emotional Intelligence) is virtually synonymous with good leadership. There are five elements of emotional intelligence:

  • Self-awareness: The ability to recognize and understand one’s own emotions, as well as one’s effect on other people.
  • Self-r...

A large body of evidence shows that transformational leadership positively aligns with how well companies, the military, governmental organizations, educational institutions, and nonprofits perform.

Here are five specific research findings that found a link between transformational leadersh...

Transformational Leadership isn’t a blanket solution to be used in every scenario and across every setting. Some argue that some teams need a more transactional style, meaning closer supervision and greater direction. This might especially be the case when followers are unskilled and require more...

  •  Limited interest in group-level processes
  • Ambiguity about transformational behaviors
  • Ambiguity about transactional leadership
  • Omission of important behaviors
  •  Insufficient specification of situational variables
  • Insufficient identification of negative ...

Five key elements of optimum leadership in healthcare settings:

  • Inspiring visions at every level, along with upholding a shared, holistic view of care
  • Clear, aligned objectives for all teams, departments, and individual staff
  • Supportive and enabling people management an...

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