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The fashion industry is a fast growing industry. Solutions must be found to make it more sustainable. And technology like AI can help to achieve that.


5 ways AI is transforming the fashion industry for sustainability

5 ways AI is transforming the fashion industry for sustainability



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1. Marketing Campaigns and Fashion Shows going virtual

Maybe the COVID pandemic has accelerated the adoption and acceptance of digitalization in society. The fashion industry has benefited from that and it's making marketing campaigns and fashion show on digital. With AI, they will be able to make a 3D digital fashion model in the near future.

2. Virtual Fitting Room and better customisation reducing returns and enhancing customer experience

It's clear that more and more people are buying fashions online. But it would be better if these clients have solutions to test the fitting virtually. This will reduce the return rate and qlso can drive more clients to make their shopping online.

3. Propelling the second-hand market

The idea is to embrace the circular economy and second hand clothes. This is eco friendly solution

Technology like AI has the potential to improve customer experiences in the used clothes market from a variety of different angles, including more reliable pricing, better-personalized user ex...

4. Rental Fashion meets AI

Like the previous idea, rental fashion is another eco friendly solution. It is a solution to save you the expenses of purchasing expensive garments that are almost like single-use, as well as saving millions of under-utilised clothes.

Technology is helping to scale up the system and make it...

5. AI sales prediction prevents stockpiling

Researchs are ongoing to keep developing data analytics and machine learning models to better predict sales, clothing trends, customer behaviour and reduce the number of unsold clothes each season.

Being cost-saving and environmentally friendly at the same time,

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