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Tips Avoid Lazy

Tips Avoid Lazy


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Tips Avoid Lazy

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What's Lazy

Lazy is when we feel that our life is not having a direction, Or we haven't found what really gives us energy. i don't think being lazy is a character but actually A signal or indication that it is not something we like or enjoy. So when you feel lazy, maybe the motivation isn't there yet and you have to look for it.


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How to Motivate Yourself? As a Student

Know yourself, what do you like? What are your strengths? Knowing yourself is important. For middle school and high school You can try to get to know yourself by what your hobbies are? What class do you like at school?etc, And that's where you will get the signals.

Remember-"Surprising things/Great things come when you push yourself, and when you're not in your comfort zone"


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Tips For Writing Some Essay

  • be yourself
  • Must stay authentic
  • And never show that you want to be someone else, Because The successful essays we make can illustrate that we are unique individuals.
  • Don't be afraid to talk to other people. Because listening to input from other people Makes us more flexible,
  • We must also be open to other people's suggestions or criticisms because they can be very, very helpful.


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Do n't Compare Yourself With Your Surroundings

When we are in that environment we may indeed feel some pressure, because we have many shortcomings. But we will realize that all human process in time.


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